Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Super Short Summer Summary of 2014...........

To start off summer break, the kiddos got to spend a week at their grandparents. 
Lucky me!
Lucky them!
They always have a fun time there. Sleeping under the stars in the backyard around the fire pit, eating smores,  they went to the movies, spent an afternoon at the beach, went bowling, swam and played at a pool park and spent time with cousins.

Fast forward a bit and my kids are back home. Then we get to the part where my kids are coming down with fevers and rashes. 
Hand Foot & Mouth Disease!
Where or how they got me! We were pretty much quarantined at home for almost three weeks.
No fun for anyone!
The boys played a lot of video games, the girl drew and colored about a hundred pictures and they all watched about a thousand movies on Netflix.
We couldn't wait until all was well and we could get out of the house again and mingle with other humans.

Here are some photos from a few of our summer events.....

4th of July!
Parade watching in town. The past few 4th's we have BBQ'd at home. This year we ate out at Popeye's before driving to the perfect spot to watch the firework show. 

Keeping cool in the heat!

Celebrating my boy turning 12!

Fun family photo booth photos from a wedding!

The Super Moon
Hubs & Little Miss having some fun!

It's that time of season again for all three of my boys.
One boy in tackle and the other two in flag.
Let the games begin!
The next several Saturdays are going to be pretty busy for us.

The start of another school year! 
The summer sure did seem to go by fast this time. 
Is it just me? Am I getting older and time is just going by faster?

My wish for the 2014-2015 school year.....
Not a ton of homework & projects and not hearing, "I don't get it!", or "I hate school!"
If only!

My, how they've grown.
They sure are some good looking kiddos.

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