Thursday, May 01, 2014

Easter 2014........

This year our Easter was spent with my side of the family.
I didn't get a pic of my own little family all dressed up...oh well.
I did take some pics of the things that went on during the day.

There were bubbles!

And more bubbles!

 And boys playing video games.

And an Easter egg hunt.

And family.

 And more family!

And a picture of my grandparents with their great grand kids.

And my sweet goddaughter! 
I loved putting together a special little bunny basket filled with goodies and the cutest bathing suit with matching hat & sandals.

Love family time on a holiday!

Spring Break!

Ahhh yes....Spring break! 
I don't know about the kiddos or the hubs, but I couldn't wait to get out as a family and have some fun!

We started it off with some miniature golf and go cart racing.
Little Miss had her first experience with mini golf and loved every minute of it. She even got a couple of holes in one!

We had my mom and cousins join us. 
The more the merrier!
Since we were a large group we opted out of playing all 36 holes and just played the 18. 

This boy was my passenger on the go cart. It had been years since I drove one of those.
So fun!

Next part of our vacation was the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz.
The boys enjoyed it....Little Miss, not so much. I ended up getting very dizzy and almost didn't make the whole tour.

Magnetic anomalies!
 It was a mystery indeed!

It was long overdue since we have been to the beach. We stayed for three days!
Two of the days had perfect weather. The last day it rained and we had to pack up early and head home.

Why not throw in some time over at the Boardwalk....

My oldest finally got the courage to ride his first real roller coaster. I asked how he liked it when he was done and I think it was a mix of fear & fun. 

And this was the last day of our stay as the clouds stayed dark and the rain came down. Before we left there was a break during the rain. I wanted to see the ocean once more to say goodbye. We decided to get out and the hubs and kiddos stayed on the path down to the pier. I kicked off my shoes and walked along the shoreline. It was exactly what I needed! Me, the ocean smell, the waves crashing, the wet sand, and no one else with me.
My kind of therapy. I got a recharge!
I could have stayed there for hours.

All in all a very busy, but wonderful spring break.
 The best part was just being together.

Two Milestone Birthdays.........

It has been quite busy since the New Year!
In March, we had two very exciting milestones in our family...
My dad turned 60
my sweet goddaughter turned 1!
Of course we had to put together a couple of special events so everyone could celebrate.
My brother and I, (and our lovely spouses), hosted my dad's 60th at my place. It was supposed to be a surprise.
(He figured it out anyway)
I have hosted many events and there is a lot involved. This time around I got smart and opted to get it catered. 
WHY haven't I done this at EVERY event?!
It was wonderful!

Here are just a few pics from that day.

 Oh my! I can't believe how this sweet girl is already ONE!
It has been amazing watching her grow and developing such a cute personality. It still amazes me that my brother is a dad to this beautiful little buggy....

 She likes cake!