Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Time Has Come!.........

Another school year has started. Once again I have mixed feeling about it. 
First, I am excited because that means freedom for me. 
Second, I hate it because that means homework and projects.

This year is a bit exciting. My baby is going to Kinder!
Do you know what this means for me?
Yes, I'm getting old, but that's not it. This is the first time in 13 years I will not have any kiddos at home with me. And the Kinder out here go ALL DAY! Six hours!
Oh, what to do?!

Here are pics of my cuties on the first day of school.

Trying to keep up with her brothers.

Daddy made some time before leaving work to be there for her first day.

Wiped out! 
It was a long day for her.

Here's to early mornings, six hours of free time for me, and four times the homework help!


My Little Miss is FIVE! 
She has been waiting for this day for a year! 
(no joke)

I've also been planning the theme of her party for a year.
(again, no joke)
If I am out shopping and see something for an awesome price, it get's my wheels turning and I come up with ideas of what to use it for. In this case, (a year ago), I came across paper lanterns and paper flower fans for a buck. That's when I thought about the Mad Hatter's table......and there you have it!
Alice in Wonderland themed party!
Over the course of the year I waited for sales for specific things that I knew I would use.
Spring floral clearance at Micheal's craft store, clearance on Valentines decor, (for the Queen of Hearts table), and Alice's dress on sale after Halloween.

This little firecracker of mine turned five and was going to start Kindergarten withing the same week. It was a big deal to her.
And Mom too.
My baby is not a baby anymore. 
She is something else, I tell ya!

The picture below is a perfect capture of her personality.
I love it!

So now we get to the part of my post where there are tons of pics of all the decor I did. 

The door character was made from poster paper and acrylic paint.

Mome Raths sign was cut from a box and the Mome Raths themselves were 2 jumbo popsicle sticks glued together with googly eyes and colorful feathers for their hair on top.

I invited a large crowd and had a few tables set.

This is the White Rabbit's table.

The Cheshire Cat table.

Tweedledee & Tweedledum table.
(with an assortment of Dum Dum lollipops of course!)

Mad Hatter's table.

"Twinkle twinkle little bat......"

Th Caterpillar next to the drink station.

The Queen of Heart's table.

Mmmmmm, desserts!
Chocolate cupcakes! 
She is MY daughter. We love our chocolate.

My talented mother in law made this beautiful and tasty cake.

 Cheshire Cat Tails
Marshmallow dipped in colored melting chocolate and then sugar sprinkles.

Loaf Cake
Butter pound cake sliced in half, (horizontally), and spread with a lemon curd. Sugar icing drizzled on top with lemon extract and colored sugar pearls.

 My mother's famous butter sandwich cookies.
Heaven in your mouth!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

I am glad it's over and done with.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I got a phone call from an old friend of mine and we stayed on the phone for over 2 hours catching up.
 It was great! 
We hadn't seen each other in about seven years. Life get's busy. It's a fact. We are at fault for getting caught up in the fast lane of life that we miss out on time we can and should make for special people in our lives. 
And that is what we did!

It was so good to see my friend again. She had the chance to get to know my kiddos a bit better too. We decided to take them to the park. 

This is the smile that takes me back to fun memories. 
We became friends around the 5th/6th grade and have stayed in contact ever since.
I have thanked her for her friendship and helping me come out of my shy shell. 

Friends Forever Roach!