Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DIY Project...

When you move into a rental home the place either has blinds, curtains, or nothing in the windows. Blinds work nice, but if there are curtains and they are ugly then what do you do?
 I take them off, store them and put up my own. 
There is a large sliding glass door off of our kitchen nook. Hanging on the rod were dark red curtain panels with tassels along the bottom trim. Ugh!
I wanted them gone!
Trying to buy curtain panels long enough to fit this size was not easy. Most stores don't sell panels longer than 100 inches. You could custom order them and pay a pretty penny. Instead, go out and find two different panels that you like and would complement each other. Buy the desired amount, (I found mine at Marshalls for $20 a pair). Basically you cut a wide section of one panel and sew to the other. I didn't do the math or the sewing...I left that to my mom. 
Love you mom!
But you can get the basic idea from looking at the finished product below.
They are fabulous!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


She sure is a funny cat.

Here she is looking out in the front window wanting to get the birdies in the tree.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Garage Sale Find.....

A few weeks ago we had a community wide garage sale that we participated in. It was a pretty good turnout. I wanted to go out and do some shopping myself, but didn't get out until late in the day. Most homes were done participating already or others had small left overs.  
I did however scored on this old door with perfect chipped paint and the original doorknob and hardware just a couple house down from mine.
 I love it!
It was only 25 bucks too!
Right now it leans against the wall as a decorative piece in my family room.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Daddy's Little Helper....

My four year old has asked me a few times that she would like a set of her own tools so she can help daddy on projects. 
When I told my hubby he looked very, very pleased. 

Wait a minute! I have three boys and one girl. 
The girl wants tools to help daddy??
Daddy already has three sons to help him on projects, work on the car together, play sports and so on.

What's wrong with this picture?
I am feeling a bit left out.

I guess I can look at this as a good thing.  
More free time for me to take off and shop or do what I want while ALL of daddy's little helpers hang with him.

Friday, May 17, 2013

"Don't Step on the Mome Raths!"........

Who doesn't like Alice in Wonderland?
A year ago I came up with an Alice in Wonderland theme for my daughter's fifth birthday.

Yes, a year ago!
This is how I roll folks.

So now we are getting a little closer and after collecting this and that and packing them away, I decided I better get some of the crafts done now. I hate last minute, but I think you already figured that one out. 

Pinterest is a girls best friend. So many ideas! I made a file of all the ideas that would work great for the party theme.
Here is idea #1 and my first craft project for the party.

"Don't Step on the Mome Raths!"

Fairly simple and doesn't take much time to make. 
I was excited when I found the craft sticks already colored. Gotta love short cuts! I had planned to buy the unfinished sticks and then paint each one. 
Here are the simple steps:
1. glue two different colored sticks together at the top to form an "a" frame
2. you can choose two feathers of the same color or different colors, (which I liked better), and glue each one on the top where u glued the sticks together
3. glue the googly eyes over the feathers so you don't see the bottom stems (are they called stems?) 

And there you have it!

Craft project #1, DONE!

First Birthday Cake........

First Birthday's are always fun!
 I think more so for the parents. It's the mark of your baby making it to a full year and a pat on the back that you have kept them alive, healthy and happy thus far.
Cake time!
It's a moment that everyone waits for. Everyone gathers and looks on in anticipation for what the birthday babe will do.
Do they try to blow the candle out? (if mom & dad had been practicing with them prior).
 Do they reach there little fingers out to grab the flame?
Do they grab icing and cake and shove it in their mouths?
Or do they sit and observe it for a while wondering what to do with this sugary formation in front of them.
Here is a look back on some birthday first's....
My first born and his Tigger cake.
Unfortunately this was the best pic. No close up's and none of him eating it. Sad that I don't remember either. At least the look on his face showed he was happy :-)
My second born with his first cake.
Look at those chubby cheeks!
Hubby was holding his hands because he was after the candle & flame.
My third born on his big day.
No holding back with this little guy.
He went to town!
My fourth and final birthday baby.
The last "first birthday" in our little family.
She was hesitant at first.
Observed for a while until I gave her a taste of the frosting.
Then she was a happy little ladybug.
One thing I love about being part of a big family is being able to be a part of their special events.
First birthday's included!
I have had the privilege to be a part of other babies first cake experiences.
(here are just a few shots that I had)



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cat's Out Of The Bag........

 I was making lunches for the boys this morning before school while they were getting the rest of themselves ready. Then I hear all of them laughing hysterically. 
I walk over to see what was going on and........ 

I guess Kiki decided she wanted to go to school today.
I thought the boys did this, but they assured me that it was all on her own doing.
Crazy cat!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Baaaack.......

Did you all miss me?
The last post I did was the beginning of 2013.
May is here. May? Really?
Boy have I been busy! Sorry for neglecting my blog; I am sorry. I didn't mean to.
So let me catch you up on the happenings of our life.
(I hope I can remember everything. I blame losing my mind to having four children. Really though...I think there was a study that said for every child a woman has more brain cells die. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)
OK, I will start with the home we signed contracts on. I took my time organizing and packing and dreaming of how I was going to decorate our new home. It was pretty exciting stuff! I would drive by the  home site a couple times a week to see the progress that was being made. From time to time a little voice in my head would chime in and question whether we were moving in the right direction. I Shhhushed that voice and carried on. A little more time passed and I decided to talk to the hubby about where we were financially. That's when things got serious and we found that we got hit with an unfortunate financial situation. A decision had to be made whether to continue moving forward with the purchase of the new home, (but then eating Mac n Cheese for the next 9 months and really stretching the pennies), or cancel the contract. We went with the latter. Contract was cancelled and my dream was a bit bruised, but we knew it was the best choice. I felt so sad to have to tell the kiddos. They had been excited about the home from day one. I also promised that when we moved into our new home we would go out the very next day and adopt a cat. They have been waiting to get a pet for over 5 years. Now that there was no house, I couldn't tell them "no" to a cat.
So guess what we did?.....
Meet Kiki!
She is our new furry family member and we love her to pieces.
So now we have a new pet, our lease was up soon and I had the house half way packed. What to do?! Well we could have stayed in the current rental, but I decided to do some browsing for another home to rent. A bigger one! My boys have shared a room for 3 years and my oldest will be 13 this year. It was time to give him his own space.
We found a larger home that we liked and was closer to the kiddos school.
I packed the rest of our, belongings and we moved into our new digs April 1st. There was no foolin' on that day. We are thankful to our family & friends that helped make the move possible.
We are now settled in, a few boxes left and pictures to hang, but overall happy. Kiki too!
Here are a few picture updates....
Hubby's birthday on St. Patricks Day and our kids being silly.
(They know how to do that well.)
I also had my birthday ten days before hubby's.
I am a whole year and ten days older than him. He reminds me of that every year.

Easter at Grandma & Grandpa's with cousins.
It was a beautiful day!
I think I ate too much chocolate and candy, but who was counting?

We got to meet a new member to the family. Sweet little Elle!
The hubby's sister from Idaho came for a short visit with her two youngest. My kiddos were very taken with Elle. She was a doll and her cheeks were so edible!
The hubs and I had our 15th wedding anniversary.
How is that possible?
Obviously we are doing something right because we are still together...hahaha!
I had plans in mind to be whisked away to some tropical island for a long weekend to celebrate. Instead I got the stomach flu and we stayed home ordering take out and watching a movie from the comfort of our bedroom.
O-well, there is always next time.

Remember me telling you that my brother and his lovely wife were expecting their first?
Alexiana Rose made her grand entrance in late March.
She is a perfect angel!
I am still so amazed that my little brother is a daddy. It blows my mind! She couldn't have picked a better mom & dad to be born to.
My kiddos first visit with their newest cousin.
(Look at my Jakey in the back...such a funny guy...Always!)
My grandfather flew out from NY and got to meet his third great-granddaughter. How sweet is that! What a precious moment.
This makes me feel a bit sad that my grandma wasn't here, but I feel that she knew this sweet little girl's spirit before she was born.

Mothers Day!
To all you Mom's out there...
I hosted Mother's Day at our home with a wonderful meal to fill our bellies. My sister in law made THE most sinful, decadent, chocolate torte you have ever tasted. My taste buds squirt with joy with every bite I take. It is a chocoholics dream!
We had a very laid back kind of day. Just enjoying each other's company and I got more time to smooch on that baby.
My mother, who had one daughter,(me), and I had one daughter.
My sister in law, the only daughter her mother had, and the first born daughter.
(did that make any sense?)
That's what I have for you so far. I will promise write more posts. Maybe not everyday, but more often. Right now I am looking forward to school being done, summer is almost here, football season begins for my boys, a couple photo shoots to edit, more birthday celebrations, a baptism, a 50th wedding anniversary and much more.
Stay tuned!