Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh, Hello there....

Happy New Year!
     Sorry for my absence. I have been a busy bee and I'm also unable to upload any more photos on my blog. I need to look into that further and fix it.
     Well, the holidays came and went. Family, food, gift exchanges and the whole hoopla. The kiddos pretty much got what they had asked for and were happy. We had family come spend some time with us from out of state and that was a real treat! Then New Years came and went just as fast. We rang in 2013 at my families house and I made sure the hubs and I had a few spoonfuls of cooked lentils for "good luck", (Italian tradition), after the stroke of 12:00. After New Years celebrations, we had a visit from a good friend that stayed with us a few days. Another great treat! 
     Yes, 2013 will be bringing lots of exciting events....New home, new babies in the family, new pet, (hopefully), some big anniversary's and birthday's, and I'm sure much, much more. For now, I have been organizing and packing to get ready for our big move. The house is framed and has a roof on and stairs so far. I try to drive by once a week to check the progress. Pretty exciting!
 I'm also getting crafty and organizing a baby shower for my sister in law. Yay, Baby! I'm so over the moon about my brother becoming a daddy. We will all get to meet the new precious angel in April. A Girl!
     2012 was a very full, very busy, and very emotional year. There were ups and there were downs....More downs than I would have liked. I have struggled with some anxiety issues. I continue to battle with it, but it has become more manageable. I will NOT let it take over!
   2013, please don't disappoint!

Wishing all my readers a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous
New Year!