Monday, November 04, 2013

What Happened in October......

October was here and now gone in a blink of an eye! 
Today as I put away my Halloween decoration away I realized how fast the month went and I didn't blog.

Here is a quick recap of what we did......

Pumpkin picking!
We spent an afternoon with dear friends and their son at the pumpkin farm. It's the same one we have been going to for the last 5 years. 
Animals, corn maze, live music & show, tractor ride and lots of pumpkins!

On the 4th my oldest turned 13!
Yes, I now have a teenager. Not sure how this day snuck up on us, but it did.
I asked him what he wanted to do on his special day. Usually I will cook the birthday kids favorite meal or take them to their favorite restaurant. Family party/celebrations come later on a Saturday.
This teenager wanted to go shopping of his present and then eat at Black Bear Diner.
Good choice!

(First time he has been publicly sung to. He was a bit embarrassed)

 Dessert was a berry milkshake!

 Then on the 8th my third son had a birthday.
This funny man turned 8!
After school we went and spent some time at the park. He asked for some orange chicken & rice for dinner and to go shopping to pick out his present.
It has been harder to know what my kiddos want each year and so I take them out to shop. It is a win win! They love to pick out what they want and I don't have to worry that what I've picked "sucks".

For dessert I made an ice cream pie. First time making it. It was delish!
Vanilla ice cream, (softened)  mix with your favorite candy bar, ( I chopped up twix), and pour into a graham cracker crust. Then you put it in the freezer until firm.

Next up is Halloween!
We didn't have time to carve pumpkins so I got out the paint and helped the kiddos with painting them. They turned out really cute!
We had a Frankenstein, a Purple Minion, and a Sparkle-Princess-Ballerina.
(My "teenager" didn't want any part of it this year.)

The Saturday before Halloween we participated in a "Trunk or Treat".

The kiddos cracked me up with the fashion show they put on with all the costumes. I have several for them to pick and choose or mix. Sad that I didn't get a good pic of them with their final decisions.

Halloween parade at school. 
My Little Miss' first and so I decided to walk with her. 

That night I allowed my teenager to go off with a friend to trick or treat. That was a first for both of us. I have to remember that I can't keep him in a bubble all his life and to start letting me go and do. 
The hubs and I took the other three out and saw some pretty amazing decorations. Our street was somewhat dead. By the time we came back home no one was walking our street and I had a ton of candy to give out. Ugh!
One teenager came by and our oldest gave 4 huge handfuls to her. I laughed and told her she hit the jack pot!
The last few days I have been on a sugar high.
So, so bad! I think I gained a pound from all of it. 

And that's all folks!
Goodbye October.....

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

October 1st........

It's my favorite month!
Time to get out the Halloween bins and decorate!
I have two birthday's to celebrate this month, Saturday football games to attend, and a pumpkin patch to visit.

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Time Out.......

Every mom needs a time out. 
Now that all of my kiddos are at school I can do whatever I want.
(well, almost whatever)

I start off my morning getting the kiddos ready for school and walk them there. I get Little Miss settled in her class and then I'm off. I have been going on walks with a good friend of mine. It's always nice to have a friend to chat with. Makes the time fly by. Our walks are usually an hour or two.
 Feels great!

Now I have started bike rides. I get my music on and pedal fast. I love the speed and the wind that rushes by me....around me? past me?
 I ride about 6 miles on the outskirts of my community. It really is quite lovely. 

My time out is VERY lovely.

Here are pics from my ride today!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Overdue Date.......

We went out on a lunch date!
It has been quite a while since we've gone out without the kiddos.
It was nice :-)

Over 6 years ago the hubs and I would set up some time to hang out or have a date night a couple times a month. Then we had baby #4, moved, (and moved away from our babysitters), and life got busier. 
I think we can get back on track now that our oldest can be left in charge. 

(I was waiting for that day to come. Oh, how I have waited!)

I think it is so important to reconnect with your 'other half'. We get so caught up in our busy schedules and everyday stresses that it's easy to put some things on the back burner. 
Our partners and even ourselves.
Make the time. It doesn't have to be a grand outing. Even if it's out for a bike ride together.
Talk. And then talk some more. Flirt.
Fall in love again or feel those butterflies that have been hibernating.

I'm glad we can get back into this habit. 
This is one habit that is good for you!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It is a word I have been using quite often.
It is a word that best describes what I am doing.
I am in transition.
In an earlier post I wrote how I have had challenges with anxiety. I took this as a negative thing in my life. I now see it as a positive. It has given me time to think. Time to reflect on who I am, who I was and who I want to be. I dissected my habits and chose to change some. I want to be a happier me. Learn to let things I cannot change go. It will not be easy, but that is the road I choose to take now.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Weekend.....

What did you do for your three day weekend?

We decided to lay low this time around. 
In the past we have traveled to do fun things, but dealt with major traffic, large crowds and no parking spaces. And in the past we would always say, "Why are we doing this again?"

It has been a very relaxing weekend. A nice change of pace.
We started our Saturday morning with flag football.
Two of our boys are playing this season and did great in their games.
We came home to get changed and went to cool off with some Jamba Juice.
That evening I had the hubs take the kiddos out to dinner. He doesn't see much of them during the week because of work and I thought this was a good opportunity for them to spend time together.
(and I didn't have to cook!)
I had some quiet time with a tuna salad and the Television.

Sunday was a relaxing day at home. 

Monday morning I decided that we go for a bike ride. The morning started off cool and overcast. By the time we were ready to head out, it started raining and there was thunder. That didn't stop us! We were drenched and had so much fun! We rode for a while and took a break at a central park and "played".
Fun times!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Time Has Come!.........

Another school year has started. Once again I have mixed feeling about it. 
First, I am excited because that means freedom for me. 
Second, I hate it because that means homework and projects.

This year is a bit exciting. My baby is going to Kinder!
Do you know what this means for me?
Yes, I'm getting old, but that's not it. This is the first time in 13 years I will not have any kiddos at home with me. And the Kinder out here go ALL DAY! Six hours!
Oh, what to do?!

Here are pics of my cuties on the first day of school.

Trying to keep up with her brothers.

Daddy made some time before leaving work to be there for her first day.

Wiped out! 
It was a long day for her.

Here's to early mornings, six hours of free time for me, and four times the homework help!


My Little Miss is FIVE! 
She has been waiting for this day for a year! 
(no joke)

I've also been planning the theme of her party for a year.
(again, no joke)
If I am out shopping and see something for an awesome price, it get's my wheels turning and I come up with ideas of what to use it for. In this case, (a year ago), I came across paper lanterns and paper flower fans for a buck. That's when I thought about the Mad Hatter's table......and there you have it!
Alice in Wonderland themed party!
Over the course of the year I waited for sales for specific things that I knew I would use.
Spring floral clearance at Micheal's craft store, clearance on Valentines decor, (for the Queen of Hearts table), and Alice's dress on sale after Halloween.

This little firecracker of mine turned five and was going to start Kindergarten withing the same week. It was a big deal to her.
And Mom too.
My baby is not a baby anymore. 
She is something else, I tell ya!

The picture below is a perfect capture of her personality.
I love it!

So now we get to the part of my post where there are tons of pics of all the decor I did. 

The door character was made from poster paper and acrylic paint.

Mome Raths sign was cut from a box and the Mome Raths themselves were 2 jumbo popsicle sticks glued together with googly eyes and colorful feathers for their hair on top.

I invited a large crowd and had a few tables set.

This is the White Rabbit's table.

The Cheshire Cat table.

Tweedledee & Tweedledum table.
(with an assortment of Dum Dum lollipops of course!)

Mad Hatter's table.

"Twinkle twinkle little bat......"

Th Caterpillar next to the drink station.

The Queen of Heart's table.

Mmmmmm, desserts!
Chocolate cupcakes! 
She is MY daughter. We love our chocolate.

My talented mother in law made this beautiful and tasty cake.

 Cheshire Cat Tails
Marshmallow dipped in colored melting chocolate and then sugar sprinkles.

Loaf Cake
Butter pound cake sliced in half, (horizontally), and spread with a lemon curd. Sugar icing drizzled on top with lemon extract and colored sugar pearls.

 My mother's famous butter sandwich cookies.
Heaven in your mouth!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

I am glad it's over and done with.