Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite Time of Year......

September is almost over.......What? I'm really having a hard time grasping how fast these months are going by. But.....My most favorite month is approaching. October!! Halloween, the weather turns, (as do the leaves), two of my kiddos have birthdays, and candy corn! I already bought my first bag of the sweet goodness last week :)

It is almost time for me to dig out the decoration bins from the garage. The kiddos get really excited. This momma goes all out for Halloween. If I could, I'd decorate every single inch of our house. Hubs thinks I'm a wee bit crazy.
It's fun to browse the net for some new ideas. Here are a few....

Happy soon-to-be October!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kids Gone Wild.....

Today was packed with lots of activity.
First off, my boys had their football games. They did great!
It was hot. I got burnt. Little Miss complained about the heat for an hour.
First game was a win and Jakey got a touchdown.
Second game was also a win and Logan got a touchdown.
Third game I couldn't go to because I was at the second game and so hubs took Nate to his which was 45 minutes away. Sometimes we have to split up that way. Nate did some great throws, (as I was told), as quarterback and did some great tackles too. Unfortunately his team lost. Boo.

I headed with half my kiddies to run errands after the second game was over. shopping. Not real exciting.
 (Except when you decide to buy ice cream and plan on making a delicious Coldstone creation at home).

Anyhoo, when my crew was all back together at home, Nate put out a cool new slip and slide out in the back. I scored 70% off of it at Target today. Wooohoo!
The kiddos cooled off and had a crazy time with that and followed up with jumping on the trampoline.
Some good friends are moving and gave us the trampoline. How awesome is that?
We were pretty thrilled about it.

The day is coming to an end and we finished it off with a pizza dinner. The kiddos are watching Babe. Hubs is doing the dishes. (yes, he is that awesome!) 
We will put the kids to bed soon and then it's time to watch a movie all curled up on the love seat.
It has been a grand Saturday.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Plates on Pedestals.....

 I love browsing the net for ideas. Oh, and who loves Pinterest? This girl does! I could spend hours on there ogling and awing. When I come across an idea or craft that I like, I tuck it away in a folder on my desktop. That folder is overflowing. One thing I've found is once you have children, your craft time dwindles and the folder continues to grow.
Anyhoo, I had come across an idea that I wanted to do involving candlesticks and plates. Not a lot of time to do this craft, (although it took me months after buying the supplies to finally do it).
I decided to buy some candlesticks from the Goodwill and spray them a couple coats of paint. I bought the plates from an antique store. Then you use whatever strong adhesive there is to adhere them together and
Wallah! Beautiful and unique serving pieces.

Oh, and here is little Miss stealing my spot while I was downstairs snapping pics of my finished creations.

Sky on Fire........

 When I have to make my run to drop off and pick up my boys from practice, there have been some evenings that have displayed beautiful sunsets. I would get a little upset at the fact that I didn't have my camera to capture it...and let's face it, my phone camera wouldn't do any justice. One evening I remembered to bring my camera and it just so happened to be the best timing and most dramatic sunset of the week. It seemed as though the sky was on fire.
So amazing!

Just one of the beauties of life that makes you stop, take it in, breathe in deep, and be glad your alive to witness such wonders.