Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football?.......

This is what we are doing this season with all 3 boys.....

Jakey's first season of flag football.

Logan has the ball!

NateDog #40
First season of tackle.

Days have been pretty busy running these boys around for practices and our Saturday's are booked for 3 separate games until November.
They love it. Mom just tries her best to go with the flow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School......

It is that time again.
Mom has mixed feelings
Yay for SIX hours of anything with three less kids at home.
Boo for homework, projects, and tests; times 3.

The boys are home now and each has said they enjoyed their first day.
PLEASE let this feeling last for them.
Mom has done her homework filling out all the necessary paperwork......check, check, and check!

Patience and organization is a must for the next 188 days!

More Family Visits.......

Great Grandpa and the kiddos.
In an earlier post I think I had mentioned that my grandpa was out visiting from back east. It's always good to spend time with him....especially the time my kiddos get with him.

Since my grandpa was out here visiting, my Uncle & Aunt came out to see him and all of us as well. Why not! The more family visits, the merrier. And besides, we don't get to see my mom's side very often so this was a treat!

Kady took to Uncle Mark quite fondly.

My Uncle had an app on his phone sounds. Flatulent sounds to be exact. You can imagine the kiddos and their excitement to push the different buttons. Geez. It was pretty funny, I'd have to admit. Little Missy was going to town with it.

These pics crack me up....

Love family visits!

Our Little Four Year Old.......

                         The morning of our little Missy's 4th birthday.               

I woke her up so that the hubs and I could give her a present before he went off for work.

A pink princess scooter! She had seen one at the store and I tucked that idea away for this very occasion. She was thrilled!
 Daddy put it together for her, said his goodbye's, and went to work. He was planning on coming home earlier to make Kady's birthday dinner request; Pancakes! The hubs is the pancake maker around here. They are delish!

The birthday girl, the boys and I decided to go over to the park. She wanted to try out her new wheels.

(boys will be boys)

Pink frosted cookies for dessert of course!

Happy birthday to my little lady. Four years, and I still can't believe your mine!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Date Day....

Yesterday the hubs and I had a day to ourselves. The kiddos are spending a couple days with their grandparents, (always a good thing).
We did a little shopping and I scored some fun finds.
You can say that I was going with a "black n white" theme.

After some retail therapy, we had an early dinner at BJ's. Ohh-M-Gee....their chicken Caesar salad is fantastic! I also got a side of chicken and blue cheese won tons and fried artichoke hearts.
Hubs got a small house salad and a ginormous baked potato with all the fixings. The potato was the size of a baby's head!

A movie seemed like the next obvious thing to follow dinner right? We opted out and decided to just go back to a quiet house, get into comfy pj's and veg out in front of the TV.

Today is extra quiet; no kids and hubs went to work. I'm typing this in my pj's. I have a whole day to myself and I'm not sure what to do or where to start.
 So far I have enjoyed catching up with some of my recorded shows.
I could clean the house, or do some laundry; or maybe not.
 The house is still decorated from little Missy's party and I could take all that down; or maybe not.
I think I will go eat one of the leftover cupcakes.
Let's start there.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's A Circus Around Here.......

My little Missy had her 4th birthday party yesterday. This party had been in the plans for a long while. She had been asking about it for months. I think it turned out pretty good......but I will admit that there were more things I would have liked to add....I just didn't have enough time. Decorations got up over the course of a couple days when I had the time. The circus inspiration came when I saw cute vintage animal & clown face masks and cupcake liners at Micheal's craft store. I asked little Missy if she liked it and she said yes. (Although I think she would have preferred a princess party, but the animal face masks were too adorable to turn down.) The other decoration ideas came from browsing blogs and Pinterest. What would we do without Pinterest...*insert big grin here!
Kady was a very happy girl! All the hard work pays off in the end when you see your child light up and enjoy their day. Thanks to all who came to be a part of it.
(Grammie taking all 4 kiddos home with her for a couple days after the party was an added bonus to a successful party.....Yay!)

Here are some unedited photos.....