Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Six Flags......

My boys earned a free admission to Six Flags from a reading program. That's the best time to go....when half of your family is free. The place is not that cheap!

We started the day with a couple of animal shows.
Shouka the whale & the dolphin show. We could have seen a couple more, but the kids were not into it. O-well, on to the next thing.

 It was a HOT day and we tried to keep cool in shade and drank lots.
Lunch break!
I had the hubs go and win missy a stuffed toy at one of the carnival games. It was one that the person had to guess either, age, weight or month of birth. I knew that he would win if they had to guess his age. They were off by 5 years. You see, my hubs has always looked younger than he really is. A lot of times he looks like a college student...hahaha....Well, except now he is actually get in some grey hair.

A couple of chicken strip & fry baskets and some soda's later....and all for a whopping 90 bucks!

Who knew that my little girly wanted to go on everything. She didn't get scared at all. Now my boys on the other hand....they are at the stage where they are too big for the kiddy rides but won't go on the bigger rides. I was teasing them and said that their sister will get on a roller coaster way before any of them.

We went back to the whale show in the evening only because we were told by one of the workers that it was 10 times better than the morning show. More tricks, loud dance music and light show. It was pretty good. Kady loved it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach Bums.....

 We only had a couple of free weekends this summer and I didn't want to miss an opportunity to go to the beach. My favorite place ever! I do believe my little girly takes after her momma because she has expressed the same love for the beach.
On the way there, she told me how she couldn't wait to feel the soft sand on her feet. As we were driving the weather was perfect....blue skies, not too hot, but still quite warm. As we got closer to the coast there was the biggest fog wall. Oh bummer...not what I expected. I had hoped it would burn off, but it didn't. We still made the best of our time there.The hubs and I relaxed and took in the sound of the waves and the smell of the salty sea air. The kiddos played, got sandy and played a game with the water. You know what I mean right? It's when your waiting for a wave to crash and come up the shore and see if it can reach your feet or not.
Hopefully this won't be the last beach visit of the summer. I think I can squeeze in another day somewhere...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our 4th of July....

In the past, we have traveled on the 4th, but this year we stayed home. It was a nice change.... and relaxing!
We started our morning with our little town parade. All the kiddos were decked out! After the parade we decided to check out the happenings at one of our local parks. There were vendors, music, jump houses, and games. We walked around a bit and enjoyed some Italian Ice.
In the afternoon, my parents came to join us for a BBQ. We had marinated steak & garlic roasted sausage with a potato casserole, some veggies and strawberry shortcake for dessert.
After my parents left, we set off to see the firework show. The hubby and I were a little disappointed in the show....it wasn't as long as other's we've seen, but it was alright and we had a decent view. Poor Jakey had his ears covered by his hands the whole time. Kady started off with hers covered and then about mid-show she took her hands off her ears and said it didn't bother her anymore.

Here are a few pics of the parade...enjoy!

Like I said before, it was a relaxing day and enjoyed by all.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I'm Back......

It has been a busy summer for us so far.

 My two older boys finished off Little League and were a part of the closing ceremonies.

Nate's team won first place in the league and went on to TOC (tournament of champions).

We had a double birthday party for one of mine and a nephew that was out visiting.
Logan turned double digits! 

(If u look closely, you can see that I spelled "birthday" wrong....ha! That's what I get for rushing...)

 We had some fun games for all the kids. The weather was very cooperative and the adults enjoyed some food and some kick back social time.

I just came back from a Vegas trip with family & friends to celebrate my cousin's 21st!

 (The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmo. Simply stunning!)

 I might have dropped in a whopping five bucks in these machines and that's it. Not much of a gambler.

The birthday girl.

We had such a great time!
(with the exception of getting sick off of sharing a sub sandwich that apparently was "bad" at 3:30am.....ugh!)

Right now I have a bit of a break before flag football starts for 2 of my kiddos. Also, more family will be out visiting, there is a bridal shower coming up, some fun places to take the kids, and so on and so on.

The best part of summer so far?....Sleeping in!