Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Week In Review..........

Busy week...and it's not even over quite yet.

Spent some time with the hubs family. His sis and nieces and nephew came out to visit from Idaho. Our kiddos all love spending time together playing every chance they get. My sis-in-law is expecting her 6th...(her 5th girl), and we are excited!

Look at these two blonde cuties...

We all enjoyed a nice dinner outside. Hubs is relaxing and enjoying his parents company while my little lady is eating some chocolate cake.
 (Lucky me....I got more time to hold and love on Sabine again. Love, love, love!!!)

Some pretty flowers in the yard. Love the colors!

Dirty feet from jumping on the trampoline with cousins.

Yesterday was Jakey's Kinder graduation. Let me tell you a story......
"Once upon a time, there was a mommycatt with four kids. Her third son was about to graduate kindergarten and there was to be a celebration held in the classroom with all the students families. The mommycatt knew about this and had planned on attending with camera in hand as any proud parent would do. Now, in the same week, mommycatt was planning an upcoming birthday party for her second son. Her mind was set on "operation party". Just like any other school day, she leaves to go pick up her kindergartner when school is out. She first realizes that there are more cars parked than normal, but it didn't faze her. She's on the phone with her hubby as she walks towards the Kinder area. She notices lots of tables set up, crowds of people and wonders what is going on. She tells her hubby on the phone if she has missed something and still could not put her finger on it. That's when it hit...........It was the graduation celebration and she had missed the WHOLE thing! At this point she wanted to cry and felt like she was the worst mom. Other moms assured her that he was fine and they took photos of him and would send them to her. So nice of them to do so, but it still didn't take away the guilt of not being there for her son on this special day that won't ever repeat itself. She walked up to the boy and explained that she was so sorry she missed it and got her days mixed up. He laughs and says that it's funny. That's it?? He wasn't even bothered by it. Although she still felt terrible, the one good thing out of it was that her son found humor in it."
(P.S. She did cry when she got home.)

 Today was the last day of school! I brought my camera today so I could get a shot of my Kinder graduate with his awesome teacher. Yay!

 "No more teachers, no more books........"
Summer is here and it's going to be a busy one. No more setting the alarm for early mornings for a while!

Today was also Logan's 10th birthday! Double digits!! Seriously?
 We had pizza for dinner and frosted, sprinkled doughnuts for dessert. His big birthday party is this Saturday. I'm still trying to get ready for that.

 Someone got a new skateboard and is super excited about it!

Last, but not least, I have been enjoying my new car!
I will find an excuse to go out just to drive it.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Seasons End.......

This past Saturday, the older boys had their last game of the season. This was Nate's second season playing & Lo's first time.
Lo has played pretty good for his first season. Coach called him "rookie". He was great on the defense, (that kid has an arm), but needed a little more practice with the hitting. This last game he got a hit...yay! He also got to pitch for the first time for an inning at a prior game. At the end of this last game, Coach lifted him up on his shoulders and had the team sing "happy birthday". He was all smiles. I think he enjoyed his first season of Little League.

Nate is also a great defense player. His batting was a bit of a challenge for him....trying different batting positions until he felt one that worked. It sure paid off because he hit a HOME RUN! His team did great this season and will go on to the TOC.

 This momma is a little relieved with a break from sports for a little while....well, with the exception of Nate in the TOC, but it was my first challenge with 2 kids in sports and balancing a schedule around it. Flag Football sign ups are here and now ALL 3 boys want to play. That starts in July. Am I ready for it???
This is going to be one busy summer!