Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthdays & Meeting the Baby..........

We celebrated 2 birthdays last nephew and my father in law.
 My nephew, (sitting on the counter), turned 14. Yes...14!!! He is a BIG boy at almost six foot and size 14 shoe.

My mother in law was out of state and so us "kids" that live in the area decided to get together and do a birthday dinner & cake for my father in law since he was alone. I made homemade mac n cheese, (thanks to a Paula Deen recipe), we had ham and my sister in law brought salad and made the cake. It was a nice and relaxed visit. My kiddos love going over and hanging out with family and playing with cousins. 

My kiddos got a chance to meet their new baby cousin Sabine. They were eager to hold her.
They all fell in love!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo Bomber.....

How funny is this.....

We go to a farm every year for our pumpkins & x-mas trees and I have the boys sit on this old truck for a picture every time. Little lady decided to photo bomb the shot.....twice!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oldies but Goodies.....

 Ohhhh, be still my heart! I could just suck those cheeks with kisses!

Today I was going through some older photo files to find some new pics to frame up on my family room wall. I tend to change them out when I get bored. Anyhoo...I came across these and fell in love with my kiddos all over again. I think I should look at older pics of them more often...(espeicially on harder days when I want to ship them off).

I have 4 pretty funny and pretty terrific kiddos.

Monday, May 21, 2012


This past Saturday, the hubs and I got a chance to get out for the day without the kiddos. Our new niece was born just a little over a week before and I thought it was a perfect time to go and meet her.

Oh baby, sweet adorable, delicious, warm, cuddly, precious baby. I could have held her all day. She was the most beautiful newborn. She smelled so good. It took me back to when I held my babes and would get lost in their sweet scent. 

Since we were already in the city, we decided to go drive around and enjoy a couple hours there.

We stopped over at Crissy Field. I don't remember if I had ever been here before or not. It was a perfect day to stroll outside and take in the sights.

A little snack before dinner. Oh my heavens....they were good! Look at the size of that coconut macaroon! (The hubs blueberry muffin was way bigger I swear.)

I wanted to go to North Beach and have a nice dinner and follow it up with some fabulous Italian pastries, but time wasn't on our side. We needed to head back and find something closer to where we needed to be early Sunday morning. We decided to try a new place that was suggested by a friend. I was looking forward to some yummy pasta with seafood. The food looks great right? Well, the hubs dinner was very satisfactory to fact, he even ate the sweet potatoes, and the hubs NEVER eats sweet potatoes. My dinner failed my taste buds. It tasted like wet noodles with gritty, sandy mussels and clams. I only had a few bites and was so unimpressed that I stopped eating it all together. After we left the restaurant, the hubs was feeling bad that I didn't enjoy dinner. He asked if I was still hungry and he would stop and get me something somewhere else. I was craving the chicken caesar salad at BJ's. YUM! He went in and ordered one and we found a nice hotel to stay the night and I ate my dinner in the room at 10pm.

The next morning we had breakfast delivered to our room. We both got about 8 hours sleep that night.....Unbelievable! (We need to buy some of those black-out curtains for our room...hahaha.)

The rest of our Sunday was spent helping out a good friend move.

It was a good weekend and it was really good to spend some time with the hubs. It seemed we hadn't had any time together for a few weeks. You get so caught up in your busy life that you forget to slow down and reconnect with your other half.
Well, another week has begun and this next weekend is a 3 day weekend for all. More time with the hubs and our kiddos too.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Little Baseball Stud.......

This is his second season and he loves it!

I have finally started to understand the game....(took me long enough). I am right where I knew I would be. When my boys were babies, I knew there would come a time where they would ask to play sports. I would think about being a "sports mom" and wonder how I would make it all work. Well, it's working so far and I don't even have to drive a mini-van! The hubs grew up in sports and so it was only natural for his sons to do so. I never did, unless you want to count going to a couple classes of gymnastics. My dad wasn't the dad to come home from work and turn on whatever sport was on. So this is all relatively new to me. I see how much my boys enjoy it and so even though it's a lot of driving around, every Saturday is taken, and all the added's worth it.

Baseball season is almost coming to an end. Next up is football.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time passes......

.....and you can see it in pictures.

Here's my little lady sporting her hat and hammin' it up for the camera.

And here is an older pic of her in the same hat. 

That's it and that's all for this post!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012.....

This Mother's Day was a bit different, but a great one no doubt. Hubs and I didn't spend it with either of our mom's. Mine had to work, unfortunately, and his was with his little sister that just gave birth to another baby girl. (I'm so thrilled to be an Auntie again!) We did see them and give gifts in the prior weeks though.

My dad's side of the family decided to all get together at a park and I wanted to go for one reason.....I had to meet my cousins new baby, AnnaBella. She was so dreamy and delicious. I was in baby heaven! It is a sad reminder that my babies really aren't babies anymore. I missed holding and snuggling and breathing them in this small.

This is my Nonna, (grandmother), holding her 8th great-grandchild.
I find this picture so precious. We are all blessed to have grandmother's. I'm still lucky I have my Nonna and to spend Mother's Day with her. That morning I thought of my other grandma that had past about four years ago. It still hurts my heart. I hoped she knew I was thinking of her....I think she did because later that day as I sat on the grassy hill, a ladybug landed on me. I carefully picked it up and said, "Oh, hello grandma", and off it flew. Then it landed on my daughter. I almost cried. My grandmother passed just before I had Kady. She was going to be her very first great-granddaughter.
AnnaBella is a very lucky little girl to be in the arms of her great-grandmother.

This is my cousin and her son, AnnaBella's big brother, sharing loves.

 The kids got to fly kites with some help.

 Even the much older "kids" got to relive their childhood. It was pretty funny watching these guys work so hard to make that kite fly.

 Bubble time!
Park + bubbles is always a great combination.

The sun started it's decent for the day and my cousins did some ballet poses for us as we snapped away with our cameras.                                         

Then my goofball son decided to join in and bomb the photo...hahahaha
 Kady wanted in too! You can see her arched in the air.

Then I got some solo shots of my cousin, the ballerina. Remember on one of my last posts, she played Snow White in a ballet production?
 Such a beautiful dancer!

Amazing right?

So, it was a great Mother's Day overall, but you know what I didn't get that whole day? A picture of me with my own kiddos. O-well....there's always next year!

Love and celebrate your mothers every day...not just one day a year. They are a blessing, they were your lifeline, they are love!