Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yup......that's what I try to do.

Some days are harder than others. Things don't go as planned, you didn't get enough done, the kids are acting out to the extreme, but I just keep going. You have to.

I just had a conversation with my oldest last night. It's a struggle to get him to do homework or projects. (Been there before, and it's biting me back!) He also just started little league. Practice times are 2 hours 3 days a week. I'm trying to teach him how to plan ahead with homework so he can balance his time. Then if there is a project on top of that.......Ugh! I'm not one for projects, I admit that. I loathe them!

Anyway, he goes on to tell me that if there is a day that he just doesn't have enough time to get all his homework done, then he'll just miss practice. I told him that wasn't an option. He can't just give up on something. A commitment is a commitment and he just needs to learn how to make it all work out. I then proceeded to explain that being a mother is hard work. Taking care of kids, cleaning house, making sure the kids have food, clean clothes, etc. I told him that just because something is hard, doesn't give you an out. There are NO quitters! Even though I'd like to run out of the house some days while screaming and tearing my hair out.......I don't.

I just keep on going.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guess What?.....

....my new couch and love seat have arrived and they are fabulous!

Don't you love getting new furniture? The set I had in this room prior was put up on Craigslist and sold last night. Score!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day....

The hubs and I celebrated Valentines the weekend before in Half Moon Bay. The ocean had been calling to me for a little while and I needed to get my fix. If I could live on a beach, I totally would. The weather wasn't real great, but when your away from home, without the kiddos, and by the ocean, WHO CARES! It rained one day and didn't the next. We just made the best of it.

Our view from our room. Very quiet and pretty.

Nice warm cozy fireplace.......especially after a cold rainy day. Who could complain?

We had plans to get all dressed up and go to a fancy place for dinner, but sometimes just hanging out together eating pizza and sugar cookies by the fire, and watching movies is a better choice.

The following day was better.....No rain! We walked the beach for a while and just took in the beauty of it.

Oh my word.......The birds!!! There were so many of them. I had fun chasing them around like a kid and snapped some shots. I don't think they liked me very much. At least I didn't get pooped on.

(Hubs didn't want to take his shoes off and cross the water to the other side of the beach.)

After beach time, we went horseback riding. The last time I had been on a horse was when I was a teenager. I love horses. So beautiful and majestic right? Not ours. Ours were stubborn and wanted to control us rather us control them on our ride. My horse's name was Colorado and the Hubs horse was Grumpy. Every time I'd try and get Colorado to turn or stop, he'd buck his head up and down or turn it to try and nip at my foot. He didn't want any part of me telling him what to do.

We rode for about and hour and a half.....Both on trail and on beach. We rode with another couple and one guide. It was fun and unforgettable. Ohhhh, the full gallop did a number on me. (I'm still sore today) My stirrups were not in the right position and I suffered for it. O-well! The hubs was a natural of course. He grew up with horses. My cowboy!

After the horseback ride, we went to lunch/early dinner and we drove to a place that overlooked the ocean. Sam's Chowder House. I had fried Calamari, Crab Louis Salad and Polenta Fries. The Hubs, who is NOT a fish lover at all, chose the burger. After our meal, we went back to the beach to watch the sunset. (There really wasn't a sunset because the clouds were too thick.)We sat and talked. There was no one else around. I was bundled in a blanket. Perfect! It started to drizzle and we hiked back to the car and headed home.

I loved spending time away with my Valentine.

I wish you all a very Happy Love Day!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Curly Hair.....

Do you hate wasting time with a curling iron? I do! It's a pain....sometimes literally. I was browsing blogs and saw THIS one on how to achieve curly hair with no heat and by using one rolled up sock. Sound weird? It works! Just check out my pics below after I tried it out today.

See......Told ya ;)

Sunday, February 05, 2012


It's so warm and gorgeous outside today. I sat out to get some much needed Vitamin D and get my mind off of pain. I'm currently on meds from my tooth extraction yesterday. Now I understand the phrase,

"It's like pulling teeth....."

I DO NOT want to go through that again. RIP tooth #19....thanks for the horrible memories & trouble you've put me through.

The hubs has been working on a BIG project. He bought a new Suburban and has been swapping out the good parts from his old one and placing them on the new. Today he was swapping out the front axle. Logan decided to be his assistant.

The hubs learned all about working on cars from watching and helping his father.

The other part of the driveway was being occupied by the little ones and bubbles.

Such a nice day to be outside! I think I got a little color on my face :-)

Thursday, February 02, 2012


I need to get skinny.......

Love, Love, Love these outfits!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

First Day of February.....

Hello February.....I hope you are kinder to me than January was.

Things to look forward to in February~

*Valentines weekend getaway to Half Moon Bay with the hubs.

*A visit from my BFF & my Henry

*My moms birthday

Things not to look forward to in February~

*Getting my tooth pulled :-(

So far, the good outweighs the bad.....I like that!