Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Longest Picture Post........

Las Vegas! What can I say, I love taking weekend trips here. This year the hubs and I went with good friends of ours. This marked my 6th time going to Vegas....and I'm sure it's not the last...not by a long shot.

The picture above was the view we got our our hotel window. Not too shabby eh?

Walking the strip super oober late on a Friday night looking for "breakfast" at 2am.

If you know the Bellagio, you know that they have a spectacular atrium that they always decorate with the most beautiful scenes. Once again, they didn't dissapoint.

This huge framed "picture" was amazing...all done in flowers, branches and shrubs.

A decorated chocolate shop.

Glass is beautiful.

This was a restaurant we kept passing by in our hotel and I was mesmerized by the interesting decor. Next time we will have to eat there.

No gambling this trip. Just didn't feel like it.

Our good friends before going to our dinner reservations. We were going to celebrate my BFF"s birthday.

Mmmm........Delmonico's Restaurant at the Venetian, executive chef, Emril Laggase. Food was AH-MAZING! My fillet mignon melted in my mouth. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

After dinner, we walked around the Venetian and decided to take a gondola ride.

This is a perfect shot of what we did trying to find our way OUT of the dang hotel. The Directory's did NOT help.......They love to confuse you to keep you in.

"Help, we are lost and can't get out!"

After our good friends left for their flight the following day, the hubs and I decided we had enough time to go for a drive and see the Hoover Dam. It was something neither of us have done before.

Lake Mead

WHOA! So incredible!

So glad we went to see this incredible structure. Taking the shot below took a lot out of me...I freak with heights!

A memorial for all those that helped to build the dam. They say that if you rub the feet of the statue, it will bring you good luck.

Sunset on our way back to get to the airport. It was a really fun, relaxing, and wonderful trip. Can't wait to go back!

Crazy Hair Day......

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The hubs and I are going here soon. I am counting the days. We are going with my BFF & her hubs. How perfect!

This mommy needs this break in a bad way.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumkin Pickin with our Pumpkins.......

Pumpkin time again down at the farm with our good friends.

Here are some pics from the day!

Look how cute this little pumpkin is :)

(Children of the Corn *circa 1984)

( I realized I didn't have a pic of Jake with a pumpkin. I'm sure it was because he was running around and wouldn't stay still.)

L.O.V.E sunflowers!