Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thank you Mother's......

(me on my mother's lap, and 3 generations of grandmothers)

I love my mom. We are best friends. I never fully understood the role and importance of a mother until I became one. I want to thank my mother for all that she's done, is still doing, and how much she has impacted my life. Love, patience, guidance, nurture.....these are just a few words to describe a mother's role.

Today I invited my best friend, her husband and son for a Mother's Day BBQ. This was her first Mother's Day.....I am so lucky to have spent it with her. She is a wonderful mother!

We met in 7th grade. She has always been by my side, my maid of honor, and there for each one of my children when they were born. She is "Auntie" to them. Who would of thought we would be here right now, together, still friends and now Mother's.

(and this is why I love my hubby.......he bought me this old dresser/buffet for my mother's day present. Isn't it divine?!)

I hope all of you Mother's out there had a wonderful day and I want to Thank each of you for the important role you play in life.