Monday, February 21, 2011

Kady, Sunset, & New Ring......

This is pretty typical of what you would see Kady doing.....
No matter what outfit I put on her that day, it's never complete without her adding her fluffy tutu skirt and a pair of shoes.
I caught her going through our little library of books yesterday while I was on the computer.
She does this often......yet never puts the books back. I find piles on the floor when she's done.

A toy used as her "step stool".

She calls these books, "Cat in the Hat" books.

Last evening, I looked out my bedroom window and saw this. After snapping the pic, I realized how dirty my window was. Can you see it? I really can't.

My Valentine gift from the hubby. Not a real good pic of it, and the purple is a little lighter in person. My hands could of used a nice lathering of lotion before this shot.......geesh!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


....fake ones of course. Who doesn't like to get drawn or painted on? A month ago, my cousin had his first birthday and there was face painting. Well, my boys being boys, didn't want their faces painted because they were too "cool" for that. Instead they opted for "tattoo's" on their arms.

Kady got a black widow........A black widow...seriously?? There were other cute girly choices from unicorns, to rainbows, to ladybugs, but she chose a spider.

Yes, i got one too! Mommycatt!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Real Beachy.....

A couple weekends ago, we decided to pack up the kids and take advantage of the warm weather we were having in February, and go to the beach. It's a little over an hours drives to get to.
The kids were excited! Kady was REAL excited to go the the "big water".
Beautiful, beautiful day!

I wish I had a tent or sleeping bag with me....I didn't want to leave.

My favorite of my lovelies.


I've been lagging, I realize. Sometime you get caught up in all the "going's on" in life and you forget to write it down. I have been busy, and will be till the end of May, er.. till mid, maybe by the end of July. Anyway, my brother is getting married and there is much to do when 4 out of 6 in your family are IN the wedding party....then there's the bridal shower I'm coordinating, and this and that and......Oh, and then science projects for school and editing pictures from photo gigs, dentist appointments for 5 of us, 5 birthdays, driving all over creation for family functions, and so much more! It's crazy, it's stress, but somehow, in a twisted sort of way, I love it! If I didn't have enough to keep me busy then I'd get depressed.

So, Valentines came and went. I didn't get flowers, nor did I get a box of chocolates. Instead, I got a weekend without kids and two glorious days of just me and the hubs doing whatever we wanted. ( I did mention NO kids, right?)

Saturday: went walking on a warm sunny day in downtown and did some window shopping, and real shopping....had lunch out.....did more shopping for just us. Nothing for the kids. No socks to replace the gazillion pairs with holes, no new pants or shoes because someone grew out of them, and nothing pink or frilly for the girl. After shopping it was dinner out. So nice not to cook and clean :o)

Sunday: took a drive to see the coast. My love for the coast is REALLY, REALLY big! If I don't have time at the coast, I will shrivel and die. I may have been a mermaid in a past life...ha! We spent 4 hours walking around shops, (I got a for my finger and one for my toe!), eating lunch with an ocean view, watched surfers as they waited for their next wave, and got sand between my toes. Oh, and I bought salt water taffy....LOTS of salt water taffy. My fav is watermelon! Then the sun started to set and we left to get the kiddos.

Today is Wednesday and I'm back into the land of mommy hood.

Now it's time for crazy busy days again!