Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Really, Really, Long Post.......

Whew..........The party is done and was a success! Planning for something for 3 months and then to have it be done in just a few hours is crazy. Two of my boys have birthdays in October. For those of you that don't know, I L.O.V.E Halloween......always have. I used to wish my birthday was in October. How lucky am I that "half" of my kids birthdays fell into this month, (I promise it wasn't planned that way). Anyhoo, my oldest turned 10 and my youngest turned 5.....milestones in my book and a GREAT reason to throw a big bash for. I started shopping, crafting, and browsing the many sites for ideas and what not. Every day there was something new that was either made or bought and hung up. It was almost like a game when the boys got home from school to find what Mom did that day. I could tell they were excited and couldn't wait for the big day! (Me either!!) It was great! Over forty family and friends came and most in costumes....tons of food and sweets, and lots of fun for all the kids.

The specimen jars

A Halloween party is not complete without candy

Mouse Motel in one bathroom

Ghosts, skulls & spiders in the other bathroom

Of course I had to put out my favorite... "Spooky Town"

Mice running around the house
(again, MarthaStewart.com)

Costumes, costumes.......

This little dino did a little snoozing through all the noise

I had the birthday boys hand out "Best Costume" awards

Birthday boy enjoying a delish cupcake

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another October Birthday......

On the 8th, my baby boy turned 5! He has been waiting a long time to be 5....He would ask many times, "Am I five yet?" It's always a fun week for my two October birthday boys, only 4 days apart. I am planning a big "Halloween themed" birthday party for them soon. I've been busy with all kinds of projects for it. (I don't mind either because Halloween is my favorite holiday.) Jake got to take some birthday money and buy himself a toy. Then he got pizza for lunch and had requested pasta with pesto for his birthday dinner. He was a happy boy! He is also a BIG boy..as in tall and dense for his age. He is almost as tall as my 8 year old! I call him Moose sometimes. He doesn't seem to mind it. He is so full of energy and he is the most funny and sarcastic of the bunch.
Jake's Stat~
Favorite color: blue
Favorite toy: GI Joe's
Favorite shows: he likes the older ones like Tom & Jerry, Popeye, Scooby Do, and Pink Panther
Favorite food: pasta with pesto & cereal
He loves: to play, ride his scooter or bike and play video games

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of thunder showers.......

We had a little entertainment this evening. I tried to get shots of the thunder bolts, but they are too fast, (or I am too slow). I remember as a child I would be freaked out by thunderstorms.......Of course we didn't have many living here in Cali. I enjoy them now. They are amazing. My kids seem to think so too!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Birthday Boy......

Say it isn't so......my oldest just turned 10! Double digits!! I can't even believe I have a child that is 10. I still remember the moment he was born like it was yesterday. He was so plump, with rosy cheeks and the most beautiful face I'd seen. It was so surreal to think he was mine.
10 years later, he's still mine.
Stats of Nate:
Favorite color: purple
Favorite food: pizza & orange chicken
Favorite drink: root beer
Favorite shows: Avatar and any show with cars, skateboarding or snowboarding
Favorite sport: football
Favorite teams: 49rs & SF Giants
Favorite toy: finger skateboards & sports trading cards
Favorite subject: math