Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Remind Me Of.........

I had to do it.....just had to! One of these lovely ladies is my soon-to-be sister, whom I keep teasing, by telling her that she reminds me of someone....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thanks Jess.........

I fell in love with this.......
My super terrific husband bought one for me here.
Can't wait until it arrives in the mail!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust........

Logan has a few wiggly teeth. He lets them get so loose, before plucking them off. You can see the excitement on his face knowing that the "tooth fairy" will "pay" him a visit. Looks like we have ourselves a Jack o' Lantern this Halloween!

Bed Update........

(here is some serious "bed head" for ya)
Kady has been doing very well sleeping in her big girl bed. We only had one night where she woke up crying and went running for my bedroom. We have a little ritual as I get her ready at night......she gets all tucked in, we turn out the light, and I lay next to her as we count to ten...then I kiss her and tell her I'll see her in the morning.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Night 1........

Night 1 in the big girl bed was a success! I anticipated getting up several times a night, but that wasn't the case. As we got her ready for bed, she seemed excited.......then when I had to tuck her in, that's when the tears started. I decided to lay down with her for a few minutes to reassure her that everything was OK. There was silence for a little while and I pretended to be sleeping. Then I got up and she started to get up with me.....I told her that is was time for mommy to go to bed in her big girl bed and that I would see her in the morning. She quieted down and I closed the door. Crossing my fingers as I walked back to my room, I had expected crying to start again........but there was silence.....and silence throughout the night! Let's see how long this will last. Nap today will be interesting!
(these pics were snapped the morning after, bed head and all, and she is happy!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wet Pants..........

Last night, I noticed that Jake's shorts were a little darker in one particular area. I asked him if he had peed his pants. He was afraid to answer so Logan did for him.
Logan: "When we were playing video games, Jake asked me to pause the game because he had to go to the bathroom...but then Jake said, "Never mind!"
Apparently he held it far too long.

Big Girl Bed and a Pretty Dress.....

The time has come for a big girl bed. Her crib has had it's years, 19 or so I think. We got a great deal on Craigslist, that included a sleigh bed, mattress, and comforter set from Pottery Barn, all for 50 bucks! As you can see we just have the mattress of the floor until we buy new side rails, (we don't want her to roll off). As Jess was taking apart the crib, I realized that is was the last crib we will ever have in our house. I got all teary baby is growing to be a "big girl now", (that song from the Pull Ups commercial is ringing in my ears). We shall see how this new transition will go....whether it be "easy peasy" or "mommy gets up a hundred times a night to tuck her back into bed".

Dresses. She LOVES dresses, almost as much as she loves shoes. Summer is almost coming to an end and that means no more sweet summer dresses. I wanted to capture some shots of her in one favorite. This pretty Liberty of London dress will move on to my niece soon.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Red Shoes......

I fell in love with these red converse shoes. She only has a few more uses in them before they are too small. I also fell in love with the Paul Frank monkey tee......monkey prints are cute on kids.

She cracks me up....anytime I ask if "mommy can take your picture", she doesn't hesitate and gives me lots of "cheeeeese!"

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Growing Up.......

These pictures just blow my mind! The top is of Kady on her 1st birthday wearing a new dress that now, at age 2 is a shirt, (she did have leggings on, but they got wet). One year....only one! You just don't see it as much on an every day basis until you look at older photos.
How fascinating and sad at the same time.
(I just want to eat those legs!)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Oh What a Day........

Is the day over yet? I should think so, considering it's late and all the kids have been put to bed. I don't think I want to EVER re-live today again! Have you ever, (and I'm sure most of you have), had a day where everything goes wrong and you have lost control? You find yourself sitting there and your so lost, you don't know whether to 1.cry, 2.scream, 3.walk away, or CHOCOLATE......lots of chocolate. Well, I sort of did #1, #2, #3, and #4 in ice cream form. As a mom, you try your best to multi-task the day with this and that. Sometimes the day can start great and your feeling the groove, and then BAM...downhill spiral.
Anyhoo, I started my day with some cleaning. That didn't get too far because bathroom #3 is not done and the first load of laundry is still in the washing machine now. Dishes are piled in the sink and toys are scattered. Logan complained of ear pain last night so I got an appointment set up. Oh no....I forgot that it's football practice for Nate @ 5pm and the appt. is @ 4:45pm. Not good! Called back and got an earlier time, but not by much. Walked to school to pick up boy #1...40 minutes later, drove to pick up boy #2.......drove in crazy wind on back roads to the doc's.....waited for 20 minutes for the medicine, (yup, ear infection!), drove back home only to help with some homework till it was time to drive Nate to practice............meanwhile Kady hasn't had a nap......she is having meltdowns, Jake has egged his brothers on and has complained of wanted snacks throughout the day.......back home to help with more homework for an hour and a half till I get Nate........more Kady meltdowns as I get her in the car for the 3rd time......Jake asking for another snack, (is it growth spurt time again?), back home late with no dinner planned and more homework to help.....quick dinner for the kids.......Kady meltdown, doesn't want dinner and overtired....put 3 kids to bed and stay up to finish homework help with Nate.......after the "homework lecture", it's finally done and he's off to bed.........Oh, Daddy arrives home........I'm on the computer now, he's watching TV and the house is still left a mess, but it's quiet now. Please let tomorrow be better! It just has to be right?

Special Dinner Night........

I came up with the idea of starting a "special dinner night" for each of the kids. Each month, one kid gets to choose dinner of their choice, whether it's made by mom or going out. We started this new tradition last month. I just thought it would be something fun for all and to help make each kid feel, well....special.
It was Jake's turn in August and he requested pancakes at IHOP. I didn't think to have the camera with me. He ordered the "Funny Face" pancake of course.
Last night was Logan's "special dinner night". As you can see he went with Panda Express. Yum! He was a happy guy!
Nathan is already trying to decide what he will choose next month. I guess we will have to wait and see!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Snapped & Captured...........

We drive by this every time we go to the bay area......which is quite frequent. I don't know what kind of structure it is...old house, small barn,...I'm not sure. The oaks are so majestic! For a while I had wished I had my camera with me to capture it's beauty. On one drive, I did have my camera and snapped one through the driver's side window driving about 55 or 60 mph. It was OK, but not the best shot. The next time I had my camera I told my husband to stop. I walked along the side of the road while cars were zipping by. I'm so glad I took a little time to do this. I hope this little house/barn never gets taken down. It's one of the little things I look forward to seeing on our road trips.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

What Am I Up To?.........

~Planning an engagement party
~Planning a Halloween party for my boys
~Planning a weekend to visit my BFF's new baby boy
~Adjusting to a new "school schedule"
~Homework, homework, homework
~Involved with Nate's flag football practice & games
~Editing photos
~Painting furniture for Kady's room
~Trying to find an antique bed for Kady's room
~Still not 100% unpacked or organized since the move
~Trying to lose weight before my brother's wedding
~Walking everyday to pick up son from school to help with losing weight
(that's all i can think of right now......i'm sure there is more, but i'm too tired to think.)