Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Things He Says.....

Jake was sitting on the couch quietly when all of a sudden he jumps off and starts to walk away.
Me: "Jake, where are you going?"
Jake: Pointing his finger in the direction of the dining room......."I'm going to the fart room!"
Me: "The what?"
Jake: "So I can fart over there."
Never a dull moment with this boy!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Flag Football

When it comes to sports or activities, I wait for my kid to come to me with an interest and then decide to sign em' up . Nate asked about flag football. I guess he had played a lot while on his trip in Idaho and enjoyed it. Luckily our little community has a youth league and it was perfect. This is our first time as it was Nate's. I'm I to be officially labeled a "soccer mom", or "football mom"?, I'm not sure what. Lo decided he wanted to sit it out this season and watch Nate....If he was interested, he will join next season. Nate had his first game last Saturday and did great! The weather didn't really cooperate.........cold and windy...and it even rained pretty hard that morning.......isn't it August? We were all bundled in sweatshirts and hoods over our heads.

I feel this will only be the beginning. Four kids x different sports or activities...I'm gonna be one busy mom in the next few years!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School 2010

The time has come! Another school year has begun. These little dudes have started 3rd and 4th grade. I was just telling a "mom friend" that it seemed like the last day of school was just yesterday.
Here's hoping this year goes smoothly.....and it brings very little book reports! (heeheehee)


summer attire

(thanks Aunt Bille & Uncle Mike...she loves it!)

When this boy is tired, he will crash.....anywhere, and anyhow!

Birthday Girl

My baby girl turned 2 this month! It was bittersweet for me....she is my last and my only girl...time is passing too quickly and I'm trying to cherish every moment. The next time I have these moments again will be with my grandchildren.
We usually celebrate our kids birthdays with family...grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & cousins. It can get a little hard to get everyone together on the same day. We ended up have two parties for her, one with my side and one with the hubby's side.

Party #1

Nana made Kady a cake with one of her favorite characters, Hello Kitty.

Then there was some swimming......She L.O.V.E.S the water and will ask, "put me down!"

cake time!

Presents are always fun for little ones! She got great stuff. Here is a Princess cell phone from Great Gramps.

If anyone really knows my girl, they know how much she loves SHOES! Auntie Sarah picked these winners up for her and she didn't want to take them off!

Birthday girl poses

Party #2
(she likes Pink!)

Can you believe we bought her first car at the age of 2?!

My baby is no longer a baby. She is officially a toddler. How did this happen? You blink for a second and things change so fast. I sometimes wonder when she is older if we will be close......will I be her best friend, will I be "cool" enough for her. I'd like to hope so. The very reason I wanted to have a daughter was to have that same closeness that I have with
with my mother. To share all the joys that we have shared. And let's face it.....4 males in the house vs. 1 female?......I needed someone on my side :o)

She said, "YES"!

I am happy to announce that my brother is getting married!!!!

Big Water

In July, my boys went on a road trip with Grammy to Idaho to stay with their cousins. I wish I had pictures, but I don't. They had a blast! It was Jake's first loooong car ride and he did very well, from what I've heard. While they were away, it was just Kady and I during the day. As a mom of four, when your left with just one kid, things are very quiet and different.....your reminded about the days you just had your first. Anyhoo, one weekend Jess and I took a drive along the coast, (I always need my "ocean fix" now and then). We got out at a couple of spots to enjoy the view and the smell. Kady had not been to the ocean for a while and was amazed at what she saw......She called it, "big water".

The second place we stopped, we walked down a trail to some tide pools to see what we could find.

Look above and next to the rock....its a round small jellyfish!

Here is Mr. Crab that found something and is "clawing" away at it.

Kady was getting a kick out of feeling the sand in her hand.
(love that expression!)

If my daughter is anything like me, she will grow to have a great love of the ocean & beach.

Love this!


Whenever I see a lighthouse, I think of my Grandma. She would go and visit them in her travels. I've seen pictures of many that she's been to. I took this one in July when Jess, Kady and I went to take a drive along the coast on HWY 1. I wonder if my Grandma has been to this one.
I still miss her terribly.