Monday, June 28, 2010

Really Long Picture Post.......

Well, I know I have been bad with not posting on a regular basis. I could give a million excuses, but I won't. Instead, I will give a little "June Update". There were so many pictures, I had to choose a few or this would be the worlds longest post.
OK, so first off we had a birthday! My Logan turned 8 and we had a party with my side and a party with the hubby's side. Hubby's sister and kids came out for a visit and Logan got to share the birthday celebration with his cousin Max who turned 9.
The grill master making us some birthday food for all!

Nate~Dog diggin his dog!

This little lady is too cute for words when she's pregnant.........Can you believe she is in her 8th month here? Oh, and just so you know...this is her fifth!!!!

This is the baby of the family with her baby and boy is she a total dolly!

Such beautiful nieces I have!

Kady got to meet her cousins for the first time and they hit it off great.

Ohhh, how I need to squeeze this dumpling child!

The following weekend, after the birthday BBQ, we met up at a park. It was a nice day and the kids played, chased geese, (poor geese), went on a train ride, and the carousel. Did I mention there were 11 kids?

(His dad bet him $5 bucks if he could catch one)

Cousin Alex helped Kady blow bubbles!

I got some shots of the kids at the playground.

I tried to get Jess' parents and this is what I got. Makes me laugh!

Always fun on a Merry go Round

Kadybug got tired walking and let Daddy take over.

Father's Day was at our house. Dinner included baked pasta, garlic bread, ham, salad and yummy dessert. There was chocolate cake and I made some Oreo truffles for the first time.....OH YUM! Family is great! Cousins all gathered together is even better!!

Here are first cousins~The boys!

Here are the girls...As you can see Kady didn't participate very well.

The Dad with some of his kids and their kids!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Old Toys for a New Girl.....

Can you see what she's playing with? These used to be mine once upon a time ago. My beloved collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I played with them over and over....they gave me such joy. I remember packing them away when I got too old to play with them in hopes of having a daughter to pass them on to. This day has come!