Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Business Man in the Family.......

I was up at my parents this past Saturday helping my Mom out with a garage sell that she NEEDED to do. The previous week I had helped her "de-clutter" her house and told her she had enough stuff to have a garage sell. The boys liked to be outside with us watching as cars passed and betting on who would stop. One lady was looking at a pair of brightly colored roosters that were painted in Hawaii. She asked how much for the pair..........Jake boldly responded with, "It's $80 dollars!" The lady laughed and my Mom said, "Looks like we have a business man in the family." Then Jake says, "How 'bout $15?!"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Pedicure......

I just couldn't resist summer pink polished piggy's!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No...I didn't fall off the face of the Earth!

It has been a busy month of June and I apologize for not keeping up with the blog. Seems like since the boys have been done with school we have been going, going, going! First off was Logan's 7th birthday.

As you can see, I tried to make ice cream cone cupcakes, but they flopped........o-well.........At least I made regular cupcakes as backup and also made some chocolate covered marshmallows. They were a hit :)

Cousin Clint was out for a visit and got to come for the birthday party and hang with the boys!

Logan got some origami from Aunt Bille & Uncle Mike and was getting some lessons.

"Make a wish Logan!"

We spent Father's Day at Jess' parents house and had a BBQ dinner and yummy homemade pies, (which I helped make).

I took the kids to my parents for a week in Sac. The day my mom had off work we went to Old Town Sac and I HAD to get some salt water taffy!!!

While I was in Sac I met up with an old friend from high school that I found out lived like 5 minutes from my parents.(ya, for like the last 8 years too!). She just had her first baby, Riley and she was a cutie pie. It was so good to catch up after all these years! I love friends!!!

Like I said nephew Clint was out visiting from Idaho with my sister in law Cara and she had fun getting to know Kady.

Kady got her first tooth in finally at 10 months! She also started to crawl within the same week. Why does it seem that kids do new things in clusters?? Now I am trying to figure out some barricades in the home to keep her away from certain areas. O comes Kady!

We bought her first car....hehe....she is getting used to it , but still falls off and cries.

Just had to throw this picture in.......Isn't she the loveliest bug you've ever seen?