Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Sweetest Things.....

Old pics of my two boys...Logan,9 months and Nathan around the 1 yr mark. Has time really gone by that fast? Look at those faces and the cheeks! I found these pics in Jess' wallet the other day. He has had them in there since the days we got these pictures done. Sentimental daddy???

Roley Poley.......

Here is a conversation between Jake and I while he was eating his dinner, I was doing dishes and Kady moving around the kitchen floor in her walker.......

Jake: Kady is going to die.
Me: What did you just say??
Jake: Nothing, never mind...
Me: Jake don't say things like that.
Jake: When Kady dies she will go up to heaven and be with heavenly father
Me: Yes she will.
Jake: When I die, I will go all the way up to the sky in heaven and be with heavenly father (big grin on his face)
Me: That's right.....are you happy?
Jake: Once there was a roley poley, (potato bug), with blood on it!
Me: (ok, change of subject..) What happened to the roley poley?
Jake: He went all the way up to heaven to be with heavenly father.

I laugh..........The things that this kid says is beyond me!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thoughts for today......

I want to become a better mother to my kids......
I want them to have happy memories of their childhood.......
I want to be their friend.......
Even though I hear from family and friends that I am "such a good mom", I don't feel that I am. I picked up a book on "Positive Discipline"........hoping there are better ideas and ways to "direct" their behavioral issues so that I don't feel like I'm am crushing their confidence over and over again. I lack patience......but I have felt through the years that all challenges presented in my path, I have learned to gain a little more each time......patience, patience. I lack verbal affection.......Why is it so hard to tell them the simplest things?....If it's in my heart, then say them aloud! I'm also trying to learn to "pick my battles"........"Let go a little", is what I keep reminding myself. Time goes by quickly and I don't want to regret these critical years. Tears well up in my eyes.....guilt in my heart.......I NEED to be a better mother to my kids....................And I need my husband to be by my side to help pave this new path.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Last night we went to IHOP for dinner to take advantage of the "kids eat free" deal. While waiting for our food Logan burps out loud and we remind him about manners. A little later he does it again while giggling and saying "excuse me". I tell him that there is a difference between a burp accidentally coming out and one that is forced out with mouth wide open and to try to "keep them in". A few minutes pass by and Logan says, "Opps, I gotta keep this one in!" I believe it was Jess or Nate that asked, "Your burp?" Logan replies out loud, "Nope a FART!" Oh much for manners, especially out in public!

Monday, April 20, 2009

End of Spring Break Fun..........

We ended our Spring break by going to the beach! It was a warm day and it seemed that everyone was heading in the same direction. I was so glad to be by the has been about a year or longer since we went last. For anyone who knows me well, I must have my "ocean therapy". There is something about the smell of the salty sea air, the sound of the waves crashing on the surf, and the feel of the warm sun that brings me to my happy place :) This was Kady's first experience and she didn't mind feeling the sand on her tootsies. The boys had a blast, with the exception of Jake being scared of the water. He would have been just fine playing with the soccer ball in the sand. I tried to get him to stand with me in the water about ankle high, but every time the wave would rush up he would run away. O-well, maybe next time....I plan to go more this summer.......need more of that therapy!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sring Break Fun!......

Easter! We spent it with Jess' family this year. The kids were dressed their best, there was a visit from the Easter bunny with baskets full of candy and fun, and they went on a Easter hunt.

It was a beautiful day out for family pictures.

Kady had some one on one time with Grandpa.

The boys had a whole week off and Jess decided to take the same week off of work. Yippe for me! We decided to take the opportunity to plan some family fun days.

Tuesday was a drive up to Sacramento. My mom had the day off and I got my dad to play hookie from work so we could all go to the Sac Zoo that day. I think this was Jake's first time at a zoo and he loved it. As soon as he would see another animal he would shout, "Holy Cow!" I think the favorite animals of the day for the boys were the chimps, (which i didn't get a pic of). I preferred the lions and tigers and anything related to the cat family ;) I was so happy to have my parents spend that time there with us.......especially with the grand kids!

After the zoo we met up with my brother and Sarah for some chow at Chili's. Then we proceeded to Big Spoons for some yummy "create your own monster of a yogurt concoction" dessert. So much fun!

Wednesday was a trip to San Francisco. We got to spend the day with Jess' sister Bille and husband Mike. It was a nice clear day, but chilly & windy. We went to Lori's Diner for some really good diner food. We had parked in a zone where you could only stay parked until 4pm. Well, by the time we finished eating it was just past 4 and we were high tailing it back to the cars as to not get ticketed. Um............haha...Bille went hurrying along and then started shouting that the "meter maid" had just arrived along with a tow truck. We started running and I'm sure from how we looked, running with kids, Kady strapped to Jess in a carry pack, and all of us shouting/screaming, that the meter maid guy let us go without even a ticket...................WHEW!!!

After lunch out tour guides, Bille & Mike, drove us around until we stopped a the Golden Gate Park so the kids could play. We ended our day back at their place, ordered pizza, Bille made us some yummy Mexican drinking chocolate, we watched some Planet Earth and enjoyed each other's company.
Thank you guys for a great day in San Fran!

Thursday we took a break from the road and stayed home. The weather was getting warmer and the boys went out to play with water guns. It was until later that Jess went to ask them to come in and said, "Who's drowning?" That got my attention and I went to see what he meant by that question. When I looked outside the boys had on their life vests and Jess & I laughed about it. "What little dorks!"

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Old Pics Of Logan....

I was browsing some old photos and came across these of Logan. He was my blonde baby for a while......and those dimples are still to die for.
He also had blue eyes until they turned a hazelish brown.....hmmm, don't know what happened.
He is all Jess though....I think the only thing that he has of me is the dimple chin, (my personal stamp on my children, as I call it) ;)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Random Pics from a Party......

Pretty girl in a party dress
My brother
(still jealous he got the green eyes and not me)

Some more pretty girls

My little cousin and his big baby blues

My dad & Jake
(can you tell who Jake looks like?)

Givin' some luvin' to the babe

Can"t you just eat those tootsies?

A Huntin' We Will Go.....

It was the annual Easter Egg Hunt in our community. The boys were excited about it and so was I...(I had Jess' help this year). For those that remember my post last year, I was pregnant and had to carry Jake on my hip while running to grab him some eggs. There were about 6,000 eggs scattered on the school field. Lots of people showed up and the eggs got snatched in less then a minute. We told Nate and Lo to run to the end and work their way back down. Nate got a whole basket full, Logan had about half full. Jess escorted Jake and came back with just 1 egg. Jess said that every time Jake would bend down to grab one, another kid would go to get the same one and Jake would let the other kid get it....hahaha.
Jake waiting for the countdown

Nate and Lo sharing their loot with Jake

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Can't Get Enough Of the Cuteness....

She is just toooo much sometimes...well, all of the time really. The boys and I agree that she is "the princess"! I love how they adore her. This age is fun and it is also bittersweet. I try to cherish every moment with my only girl, my baby, my last.