Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Fun....

On Saturday we were on our way to the mall to return something and get shoes for the boys. The older boys complained about having to go shopping and Jess told them that "We do what mom wants to do." As we were on our way, there were a few classic and custom cars/hot rods that passed and Jess realized there was the Goodguys Car Show going on the same weekend. I decided it would be much more fun not only for the boys, but for Jess to go to the that instead of the mall.

It was a hot day, but my boys enjoyed looking at all the "cool cars" and that made me happy. We got there just in hour after we got there a lot of the cars started to leave and we got to hear all those big roaring motors as they drove by.

This will, most likely, be something we will do as a family now once a year!
(btw...we did end up going to the mall afterward and shopped and had dinner)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Risky Buisness.....

When Jake came back home from Church, he decided to take his pants off and parade the house like this........I was laughing because it reminded me of one scene in a movie.

(Then we had him put on mommy's sunglasses!)

Quote Me!.........

"Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner"

This little lady is wearing a onsie with a very famous quote from a popular movie from the 80's. Can you guess which movie??

Chores (with some fun)....

One of the chores we have our boys do is weeding. They hate it! We do remind them that by doing this chore they will be rewarded with something, whether it's money for "hot lunch" at school, a candy bar or gum at the store....things like that. I was out helping them in the front b/c the weeds had gotten pretty bad. It was a really warm day and they complained of it being too hot to pull weeds. I decided to add some fun and spray them down every so many minutes. It made things a lot more fun!

Science Fair....

Nathan's class won Grand Prize for their science project on "Inherited Traits" out of the whole County. They gave the teacher a check to spend for things related to science for the classroom. His teacher invited the parents to attend the school board meeting to recognize and congratulate the kids and their great work.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sittin' Pretty....

Kady is 7 months now and I'm trying to get her to "sit" without falling over. (While taking these pics I had Jess on the side lines waiting to catch her when she'd tip over). It's funny, and a bit sad, how I don't remember how old the boys were when they sat with no help. I would have to go back and read it in their baby books. Ah, baby books......seems like Nathan had every little detail written in it and as the kids kept coming the less details, if any, were written in their books. I had also made a scrapbook for Nate and had lots of home movies of him. I had good intentions to do the same with the other, ya....maybe when I have time. Ha, time is always the issue isn't it? Of course when I do have any "spare time", I sit in front of this computer. Hey, I need to keep my Blog up to date right...that way those of you who are reading this right now can use your "spare time" to check in (heehee).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Case of The Swollen Eye..........

Logan had his first hospital stay this past weekend. We all went through some crazy mixed emotions....fear, confusion, ect. It started Friday evening when Lo said his head hurt. We assumed the kids don't drink enough water and I had the kids at the park earlier that day running around for a few hours. We told him to drink more water and then i proceeded to ask him if he had bumped it on the playground that day, to which he responded, "No". Saturday morning Nate came in our room to say that Lo was crying and his right eye was sort of swollen. I figured, "Ugh, pink eye!". I checked his eye but there was no redness or pus. Hmmm......not sure if it was allergies then...the grass had been freshly cut at the park and maybe it was that. We had an ice pack on his eye to see if the swelling went down. He then complained that his head hurt on the right side. That's when I decided to call an advice nurse and get him an appointment. Meanwhile I'm still asking Logan if he was sure he didn't bump into anything at school or the park. He said he accidentally poked his eye with the eraser end of his pencil, but that was all. If the pencil did that kind of damage I thought for sure I would have seen redness or swelling after I picked him up from class right??!! So Jess took him to the doc and they said it seemed to be an infection and to give him meds and eye drops. The doctor also warned that if fever, vomiting, or more swelling occurred to bring him to ER and ask for a CAT scan. Um............that's not what you want to hear! Of course we kept a watchful eye, (no pun intended), to make sure we didn't see those warning signs...........Until Sunday happened. That morning his eye was almost double the swelling and had a pinkish/purple hue on his lid. My instinct was to take him to ER b/c I didn't like how things looked. Again, Jess took him, I had to stay home with the others. In the ER they examined him and ordered for a CAT scan. They hooked him up with IV as well. Of course you can imagine that I was going crazy at home wondering what the heck is going on, waiting for phone call updates from Jess, and wishing to be by her son's side through all of this. Meanwhile, my Aunt and parents and brother heard the news and they all left to come here to help, (thank goodness for family!) After so many phone calls from Jess, come to find out that they had the CAT scan done and waiting in Triage for results, Lo was hooked up with IV still. Results came back showing that the infection was not systemic and it was just local around the affected area. They said the infection somehow started in the front of the eye and was working itself to the back and causing pressure, thus the head pain from time to time. It was decided to admit him to keep heavy antibiotics through IV to fight the infection faster. The had said that we were lucky to have brought him in when we did or the infection could have turned into an abscess and that usually requires surgery for removal. YIKES! Anyway, the hospital they were in was fairly new and did not have a pediatric ward. They had to transfer him to the one in Modesto. SOoooo, poor Logan had to hear the news that they had to wait for an ambulance to take him to another hospital. He got scared of that idea! After being admitted to Modesto, pediatric doctors and optimologists saw him. They later came to the conclusion that Logan had had a serious blockage from a sinus infection that had passed from the sinus wall to the ocular area, thus making his eye swell from the infection. They called it Orbital Cellulitis/Sinusitus. He was at the hospital for two nights! I got to see him both days and saw the improvements with his eye. He was a trooper overall. I am just glad that it was not something more serious and that he was getting better from the treatment. He is now home looking as if nothing happened. He is still on meds for the next 14 days though. This was the only picture, (day2), that I could upload. I tried to put a pic of his eye swelled from the first day, but it didn't work. The only thing I think he misses about the whole experience is the cool race car bed he got to stay in ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In The Green.....

Forgot to add in some pics of our little leprechaun!!

Happy St. Patricks and........`

....a Happy Birthday to a wonderful Husband & AWSOME Dad!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

What I've Been Up To....

My mom had started the Weight Watchers Points System late last year and to date she has lost 21 pounds. Great huh? Well, I figured it was time to do something about my weight now that I'm not pregnant or having anymore children. I had my mom explain the basics and she lent me some of her books. I started this week and of course felt STARVED the first couple of days. In fact, the first day I was ready to give up already. In conjunction with the new "diet", I have also started brisk walking every day for 30 minutes.....pushing the stroller, Jake on his bike. I time it just right so I end up picking the boys up from school and we all walk home together. Now it's Friday and things are starting to get a little better with the hunger issue. I was curious to see if anything had changed on the scale................wouldn't ya know it, lost about 3 pounds already! My short term goal is to lose enough by the time shorts and hot weather are here. My long term goal is to lose all the weight that each kid graced me with :) Hopefully maintaining a healthier diet and exercise will become second nature. I picture the future where my daughter and I can wear or swap each others clothes.....wishful thinking?...Hmm, I'm gonna try!