Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sun Worshipers...

Saturday.......It is a nice warm day out. Jess and the older boys went to Snowboarding and I was home with Jake and Kady. Kady was napping and Jake and I took the opportunity to spend some time outside basking in the glorious sun.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Grandy Update.....

I know I haven't been keeping up with my posts more regularly, and I really don't have an answer for that. I can say that the last couple weeks have been somewhat "crappy". Kady has had a cold and is fussier than usual of course. I am finding myself holding her more during the day so she is not crying all the time. (Ugh, takes me back to her colic days!) Anyway, I sure hope that this is just because she is sick and gets over it real soon so that I can once again have hands free, (and headaches gone), to do the things around the house that needs to get done. Other then her being sick, she has passed her 5 month mark and growing more and more. Poor thing still struggles to roll from back to tummy. I have also started her on rice cereal with fruit. Um, she is not that excited about it :/
Nate and Lo are doing fine. School is school and homework is homework. Nate spends his free time playing with his new love of 'finger" skating and Lo enjoys drawing ALL the time. Jakey is a funny little monster and is doing great with the potty training and continues to wake up dry....THANK GOODNESS! He tries to keep Kady happy during the day while I am busy with chores or whatever. His new favorite thing is playing computer games and learning to use the keys.
Jess is, work, work. When he is home he is a great help to me when I need relief of the, I mean children. I am doing sort of OK. Trying to keep sane. I do get into slumps from time to time though. Currently I will be going in to the doc's for lab workups and a kidney ultrasound because I am still showing high levels of protein in my system. I will hopefully find the answer why in a week or so after all the testing is done.
During the weekends we either hang out or run errands, or drive and visit family. My Grandpa has been out visiting from New York and it's nice to see him.....a little bittersweet.....a little sad, seeing him and my Grandma not with him. I am just glad that he is here. I will have him and the family over next weekend.
That's about it on our end. Every week seems to go by quicker and some days there doesn't seem to be enough hours . Other days you wish there was a "fast forward" button handy....hardy har har ;) I must go now because the fussy, crying, princess is sounding her alarm and I must go to the rescue!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mr. Clown...

This child is by far the biggest goof of my bunch. It is really hard to ever get a serious picture of him...As soon as he sees the camera out he starts with the silly faces and poses!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Another Boo-Boo...

This time it's Logan and luckily we didn't get stitches. I just applied that liquid band aid stuff. So I got a call from the school office saying that Nathan had brought in Logan and he had a cut under his brow first question to the Nurse was, "Does it look like it needs stitches?" She said it didn't look like it. I told her, "Thank goodness because we already did this not too long ago with another son!" From what Logan told me, he somehow collided with the metal door handle and even though he said it hurt he didn't know he got cut. It wasn't until lunch time that a classmate told him that he had blood dripping. At that point Nate was there, checked it out and told the yard duty that he needed to take his brother to the office. Aw...what a good big brother. Anyway, that is that and this is part of having boys I guess.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Kadance's Room......

I'm finally done decorating Kady's room and a few people asked for me to post pics.

No, I didn't paint the room was like this when we moved in

(this girl got 2 Cabbage Patch Dolls for Christmas)

The fairies are Wallies from Micheal's craft store that are kind of like wallpaper but can easily be removed.

A happy baby girl :)

Bouncy, Bounce........

Kady at 4 months old in the Johnny Jump up. One issue in these new houses is that they don't have door frames unless it's in the rooms, bathrooms, or pantry.....So we have it up in the pantry/kitchen. She seems to like it for a little while and then cries. My boys couldn't get enough of this....maybe she will love it a little more in the months to come.
(Why are "thunder thighs" cute on babies but never on me?)