Monday, December 28, 2009


You wait all year for this special time....the preparing ,the decorating, the shopping, the baking, the wrapping, the magic, the family get-together's......Aww, family.
Each Christmas Eve we spend with my family. Our tradition is to eat a large potluck dinner, (usually consisting of fish dishes), and wait till midnight to open presents.
Christmas Day is spent with my husbands family. They wake up to stockings and presents and a traditional yummy brunch.
At the end of Christmas day, we travel back home with our children,who can't wait to see what Santa had left for them.
Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

What Santa left for the boys

What Santa left for the girl

Friday, December 18, 2009

Play Nice....

It's nice when the big brothers can play nice with the little sister. They enjoy girly stuff and all!

Look what I bought!.......

I have had my eye on one of these, (I love organization), and found this Martha Stewart one on clearance for $6.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Girl....

I am still excited I got my girl!
She's a joy
She greets me with a smile most mornings
She gives kisses
She helps me with the laundry
She loves to go bye bye
She drags her beloved blanket around EVERYWHERE
(that's why I bought 2 extra...same color and brand)
She loves "ki-cats"
She loves to play with her "bebe" dolls
She throws her arms up in the air while running to greet daddy when he comes home
She still sucks her thumb and pointer finger at the same time
She always offers her tootsies to me so I can nibble them
She smells so sweet every time I kiss her head
She is a sassy girl, but I love it
I love her.
My daughter.
My girl.

Gingerbread House.......

Grammy brought the kiddies a gingerbread house to make together.

Look at those faces!

Uncle Mike looks hungry...
Sugar details

Logan couldn't wait to dig in.....Is it bad that I didn't let them touch it for two days???

Monday, December 14, 2009

Flowers are pretty.......

....Especially Tulips

(thanks Jess)

Tree Farm.......

Going out to get your Christmas tree with the kids is a fun and magical time. I much prefer to find a farm vs. driving up to a parking lot or grabbing one on the way out from the grocery store. This farm we go to is the same one we go to get our pumpkins. It's got a lot of charm and they have have other fun things for kids to do or see.
Last year I was only able to get Nate to cooperate with a picture of Santa. Jake stood next to him crying and Logan didn't even come in the barn. This year all the boys cooperated, (with a little begging), and Kady, well....Kady as you can see is doing the classic, "baby-screaming-wanting-nothing-to-do-with-scary-bearded-guy-in-a-red-get-up" scene.

She decided to walk in front of the camera and the boys thought it was funny.

So small next to daddy and the tall pretty trees.

We found a winner and ready to take it home. (No, we did not drive home with the kids in the back of the truck like that)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Overview....

Every year we alternate holidays between me and my husbands families. This Thanksgiving I decided to host it and had my family over. I took a week to get things, organizing, shopping, food prep the day before etc. Even though hosting a holiday or an event is a lot of work, I feel it's worth it. There is something about it that makes me happy. The day went very well...lots of food to eat, family to mingle with and just giving thanks to the many blessings we have.
This is the centerpiece at dining room table, (after 5 times of rearranging it!)Me and Ma getting "the bird" ready as the kids watch on

This lady, (my Nonna), is always found doing this to the turkey after dinner....taking every last tid bit of meat off the thing. There is never food to waste when she is around :)

My boys hanging with their older, (second) cousins
(they look stuffed!)

You can always find Jess and Kerry doing this at family get together's!

This harvest cake that I made was a delicious hit...Mmmm

My baby girl in her holiday dress :)

Happy Grandparents

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Random Pictures........



"attack of the giant blue gorilla"

"snow globe"

"dressed up"

"golden leaves"

"new slippers"