Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Grandy Family Update....

(Nate and Jake open b-day presents from great-gramps)
Recent pic of our Kadybug(daddy bought her first mini skirt)

Whew.......A lot has been going on and I'm surprised I still have my head on...well, it's sort of twisted sideways..haha! Kady has continued to be fussy and colicky, there are OK days and then really bad days. She had her check up today and now weighs 9 lbs 11.7 oz. Nathan had his 8th birthday on Saturday and we had pizza and root beer floats, (per his request). My Mom came last weekend to help with watching the kids b/c Jess and I had rental homes to see and packing to do...........Yup...You guessed it...We have to move out by the end of the month! The owners are doing a co-ownership of the home with relatives and those "relatives" want to move in asap. Let me tell ya, it's not good timing at all!!! Also I'm getting blood work done b/c I'm still showing protein in my urine still and they are checking to see if my kidneys are Ok. Oh, and Jacob turns 3 tomorrow and my in-laws are coming to visit and help out this weekend for more packing and house hunting. So far we have a couple of homes that we are waiting to hear word if they accept us or not. (Cross your finger!) SO much stuff and so little time. I will try to keep you all updated as much as I can :)